• How many times a week do we practice?

    In the fall we practice twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, from 5-7pm. In the spring we practice three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 5-7pm as well as conditioning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


    How far do we travel?

    The farthest we travel is Northern California and Arizona during the Spring.


    What if I have never played before, or I haven't played in a few years?

    Come out anyway! USD Women's Lacrosse is made up of all ranges of skill level. We have girls who have played for years and girls who picked up their first stick when they got here! 


    What is the financial commitment and what does it include?

    USD Women's Lacrosse is about $375 in the Fall and $550 in the Spring, which goes towards travelling fees, referees, equipment, coaching, uniforms, etc.


    Do we fundraise?

    Yes! We host a magazine fundraiser and a clinic as well as bake sells, t-shirt sales, restaurant fundraisers, and more to help cover the costs of our season.